Question Of The Week: Swimming Segmant

Swimming Amir
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Aloha Question Of The Week Participants!  Memorial Weekend has brought us a gift: the pool!  My Question Of The Weeks have been a bit late.  If you are very mad at me for the late questions, I will do what my favorite You Tuber does: accept a given punishment.  Therefore, write in the comments, if you must.  If you are mad at me, or have forgiven me, answer the following question: What is your favorite type of swimming source?  Do you prefer lakes, oceans, pools, kiddy pools, swamps, bath tubs, bath tubs filled with chocolate milk?  I don’t care what it is, just share with the world because that’s what we do on this blog.  We share with the world completely unnecessary facts about ourselves. 🙂

I prefer hot tubs.  You can lounge, swim, (a little bit) and use it in the winter.  The one problem is the chemicals in it.  Just don’t open your eyes under the water and don’t drink it (I wouldn’t recommend doing those things for any water condition, generally, unless you are drinking clean water for hydration or putting in eye drops).

While I have your attention, please check out some of these amazing, well put together blogs: Marley’s blog, Devlin’s blog, and Skylar’s blog.  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer

Time Traveling To What I Hope Is There

Walking On The Dream [Explore]
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Bam!  The future can hit you like a sucker punch.  I want to be ready for the impact, because it will come.

When people think of the future, they often think of their profession.  When I was younger, I knew what I would do.  I had thoughts of being a barber, an orphanage owner, a teacher, and a restaurant owner.  I have no clue now.  I’m still very intrigued in the culinary arts.  A chef, a bartender, a waitress, maybe a restaurant owner, if I’m feeling risky.  Everything else though, is planned.  I plan on applying for top-notch colleges, depending on my chosen profession.

When I have enough money, I think I’ll purchase a Victorian style house.  It’s like a small, affordable castle.  To see some pictures of the most beautiful house, click here.  Of course, my mini castle of dreams-in-the-making won’t be the ordinary castle.  The roofs will be injected with solar panels (for my finances and the Earth’s sake).  Stormy grey will blanket the small house in an eternal sleep of peaceful-filled dreams.  It will be lined with either dull or medium blue.  The well-watered, clipped to perfection grass will have a side garden and a well.  The garden and well are in honor of Shailene Woodley (as well as the power conserving solar panels).  The house won’t be that big.  I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m an adult, but I think that a nice, cozy little place that has a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and maybe a small place with a couch would just be perfection.  Somewhere in the house, I want a book shelf that’s high enough so that a ladder is necessary.  In my house (currently) we have one, and climbing the ladder to retrieve a new book feels like more than a new book, it feels like a new beginning.  Whenever I read a book’s first and last sentence, I savor it, and I try to remember it.  By memory, I remember that The Fault In Our Stars ends with, “I do Augustus,” “I do.”  At the two front corners of the front porch will rest two unicorn shaped topiaries.  To see some fun pictures of topiaries, click here.

I doubt that I will be able to start out in a house.  If I stay in Virginia, there is a phenominal plaza that is to die for.  Above all of the little shops, are small apartments.  These are perfect homes for people who are young, love shopping, (did I mention the restaurants and movie theater) and need an inexpensive, small, temporary place to stay.  If I can sleep through my parents late-night parties, I can sleep through the late-night traffic.

Enough of the decoration, I have action-packed plans, too.  When I move out, I’ll be a free bird, a fish off the line, a young adult moved out!  Freedom will be soft and warm, with hard spots all over; like a chocolate chip cookie.  As that “freedom” sits in the oven, my bucket list will be breaking out of the bucket.  Once I’m filled with that batch of “freedom”, I’ll grab my mental list and dash away like Santa’s reindeer.  Of course, milk is in order after my freedom cookies.  To combine that need and my bucket list, I will go to the cream-filled source.  Milking a cow sounds like a lot of fun.  The repetitive and rewarding activity is a dream of mine.  Throughout my life, the bucket list will fill and empty.  If you have a bucket list yourself, do strive to complete it, eventually, but don’t let it take over your life.

This next part is very related to the title.  This is the most important part of the post: the truth.  I don’t like acting as if the future is reserved.  The truth is, we don’t know when we’re going to die.  Every day the universe chooses whether you live or move on.  It’s only a matter of time before the universe decides on an unbeatable obstacle: the obstacle of the lifeless casket.  I don’t mean to sound cheesy when saying to be thankful.  The thing is, we’ve been given a future already.  Just remember this: the past and the present were once the future.  Until the universe makes its decision that isn’t like the one it usually makes, make sure you laugh, love, and live.  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer

How To Choke Down Your Veggies Without Them Coming Back Up

Pigging Out
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Hello Unicorn Believers!  I should probably apologize for the off topic photo.  I needed to attract people to this blog post some way; this should do the trick.  Anyway, has your mom or dad ever set down a plate in front of you piled sky high with brussel sprouts, green beans, or even broccoli?  How many times have you made your dog suffer through the greens.  This is why I was put on the earth: to save human kind from the mushy, sour, (and some other unappetizing adjective) vegetables.  We’ll start off with our easily persuaded children who dutifully eat their veggies, but don’t enjoy them and wish they could stop.  Even thought vegetables are gross, they can protect you using their nutritious force field.  Vegetables have low calories, protect you from cancer, can lower your blood pressure, and lower your chances of obesity.  If you are thinking, “Oh, okay, hooray for vegetables!” then my job is done.  If you are thinking, “I don’t care about possible disease and becoming fat!  I just don’t like vegetables!” then continue to read.  Let’s face it, we can’t dodge our veggies.  Although, we can make them taste better.  First, make sure all of the water from boiling or cleaning your veggies is poured out with a strainer.  This way, your vegetables won’t be mushy.  Next, pick a delicious sauce.  If you’re eating green beans or something related, I recommend dipping them in marinara sauce.  If you’ve been faced with brussel sprouts, grill them, salt them, and drizzle hollandais sauce over them.  If broccoli is the enemy, put a nice cheese sauce on its fluffy head (I recommend cheddar).  If I haven’t mentioned your veggie, pick one of the sauces that I mentioned, or pick your own.  This question was asked by Quynh-Thi.  To view her fun blog, Eat Sweet, click here.  Remember, I love to give advice like this.  If you have a dilemma, just comment.  Enjoy your vegetables (did you ever think you would hear that)?  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer


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Hey, hey, hey!  Have you ever been really bored and have just been looking for a nice You Tube video?  I was doing just that one day.  I looked at the most recommended videos, and I found this.  Could it have been cuter!?  I can’t stop thinking about this video, and when in doubt: I blog.  I really want you guys to experience the perfection of this awesome video.  Click here to experience cuteness.  Die raspberries!  I should write a story about that!  Raspberry death!  Mwahahahaha, watch your back raspberries!  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer

Question Of The Week: Starbucks Segment

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Howdy, Question of The Week participants!  This week’s question is: what is your favorite thing to get at Starbucks?  I’m sorry this question isn’t as weird as all of my other questions, but when I was thinking about what to write, a thought struck me: “Man, I could go for a Starbucks right now.”  As this question coursed through my mind, I thought about the coffee taste, mixed with a touch of sweetness, as a tall decaf cinnamon dolce latte splashes over my taste buds in a tsunami of scrumptious splendor.  Just talking about Starbucks can really get that joy of drinking Starbucks going.  Please comment about your favorite Starbucks drink so you and I both can read about a nice Starbucks.  Bonus question: Starbucks sometimes makes the same flavor of a drink in a different form (like a latte flavor, converted to a frappuchino).  Do you prefer your Starbucks drink as hot or cold?  By the way, if you want to watch an awesome video related to Starbucks love, click here.  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer


Are We Nearly There Yet?
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Hello faithful companions!  I am always looking for something to do when I’m bored.  If you guys are ever so bored that you feel like hitting your head against a wall would be more fun, scroll down to this post.  This is a list of fun things to do:

*Take a selfie

*Go online and find something to bake/cook (bakers, click here) (chefs, click here)

*Read a book

*Go on You Tube

*Write a story where someone dies (as I’m known for writing)

*Go outside and pretend it’s a different season so everyone thinks you’re cray cray.

*Annoy your sibling so badly they either tell on you, play with you, kick you out of their room forcefully, or go crazy

*Cell phone crash, like this guy, click here

*Make a video and post it on YouTube

*Read the blog Home Of The Unicorn Believer

*Play with your good friends

*Play online games

*Go up to someone and start speaking in a different language and act like it’s totally normal and you’re speaking English

*Text someone

*Look at funny animal captions online

*Write a story about an angry muffin

*Give me a challenge in the comments: give me a weird line that I will try to weave into my next blog post

*Take an online quiz, like this one

*Go looking for unicorns

I hope you have defeated your boredom.  Please leave a comment and enjoy your not boring (anymore, thanks to me) day.  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer


The Fight In Our Way

Archive: The Blue Marble
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This Earth would be best with less gun powder.

My words haven’t been heard; I’ll yell that much louder.

The guns go off, I guess I must get the word out, from home.

That’s why I’ve resorted to writing a poem.

A child yanks their sister’s hair.

But this conflict, is too much to bare.

These childish acts have been taken up a notch.

People, listen to yourselves, your a hypocrite, and tick tick goes my watch.

Every moment, another soldier mauled.

Every moment, another tear will fall.

An easy way to prevent, is both sides call it quits.

Listen to the words, coming from an amity’s lips.

Those daring to save us: thanks so much.

Although it would be easier to dodge the punch.The Way of the Exploding Fist
Photo Credit: Feans via Compfight

Please listen to the words of wisdom.

Let’s find a way to lose our death system.

Innocents die.

I will not lie.

War dates back from our home’s birth.

It’s time to change.

drop guns,

save Earth.

Keep Believing-  Fellow Unicorn Believer



Spring Break

Arlington National Cemetery Graves (Burial Criteria)
Photo Credit: Tony Fischer via Compfight

Hello unicorn believers!  This Spring Break I went to Washington D.C. and respected the people who served my country.  We (we being my family and I) got onto a train and began our journey with no other than, the graves.  There, I saw so many shocking and fascinating sites.  These sites included tons and tons of graves from everyone who ever fought in any war we have faced, and where the Kennedy family lies (including John F. Kennedy himself).  Our next stop was the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.  First, we went to this building with a quote along the rim of the ceiling saying, “When we assumed the soldier we did not lay aside the citizen.”  We then went to the actual Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier (which are soldiers who’s remains were unidentified after the war).  The tomb is guarded 24/7, in any weather, rain, snow, sleet, or hail.  We enjoyed the beautiful view provided, and a soldier tentatively walking back and forth.  Once and a while, he arranged his musket in a very interesting way, I thought.  Eventually, the changing of the guards occurred.  This may sound like your regular lifeguard switch off, but it is so not.  The soldiers perform a ritual of head bowing and gun spinning.  After that, a series of children would replace the wreaths on the stand in front of the tomb.  The tomb had a quote on it as well, that I thought was very interesting: “Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.”  Once we had paid our respects to our heroes, we missed the bus, and we walked to the next exhibit.  On our way over, we viewed a few white horses ridden by soldiers carrying a casket.  Another life to our country, another respect paid.  We then arrived at the Arlington House.  There, we saw a garden with, to our surprise, not much in it.  The house on the outside was lovely, and the ground was filled with pebbles, giving it that olden days feel.  An old well greeted us outside.  There wasn’t a a known history of it, (I was the only one really interested in it), but it was boarded up, and pretty awesome.  Who knows what secrets are behind the sliced piece of tree and pointed pieces of metal.  After a bathroom break- in a bathroom clearly not from the house’s original time period -we went inside of a museum of Robert E. Lee.  The museum had all sorts of cool artifacts (including a pin, holding a lock of George Washington’s hair).  After that, we came to every good trip’s conclusion: the gift shop!  In a small room packed with physical memories, I got a necklace with a hand-made, clay poppy flower on a string of gold, a moving post card of soldiers performing their fancy ritual, an ornament with the quote on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and a book filled with quotes from John F. Kennedy.  I could go on and on about Washington D.C. and the ride there and back, but eventually I would completely lose your interest, if I haven’t already.  What was your Spring Break like?  Tell me in the comments.  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer

Question Of The Week: Clock Segment

Bending Time
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Once again, it’s time for the question of the week!  This week’s question is: what is your favorite type of clock and why?  My favorite is the digital clock.  I think this because, you don’t need to look at a bunch of lines and think.  All you do is look to your right, and the time is handed over to you.  Don’t get me wrong; analog clocks are great.  Analog clocks are better for times when you aren’t in the shower and you just ran out because you need to see what time it is and you think you may be late for your unicorn searching club.  Tell me your opinion in the comments!  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer

Mother’s Day

Ever Present
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Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mother’s around the world.  You can celebrate your mom, your grand mom, for all I care, you could celebrate your friend’s mom.  People often give their mother a gift on this special day.  If you are putting together a last-minute gift for your mother and need some ideas, look downward to this list that I will provide.

1.) Make your mom a flower with tissue paper.  Click here to learn how.

2.) Write your mom a poem.  Click here for words that rhyme with mother.

3.) Sing your mom a song.  Click here for a cool video that has nothing to do with this blog post what-so-ever.

4.) Make your mom something yummy.  Click here for a sugary sweet.  Click here for a healthy but delicious meal.

5.) Spend quality time with your mom.  Click here for fun things to do.

6.) Give your mom a hug.  Click here to watch cats.

7.) Make your mom a coupon book.  Click here to take a quiz about which Avenger you are.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, and to all a good day!  Keep Believing- Fellow Unicorn Believer

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